I Love you but i've chosen darkness

  1. Sited in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Mrakovica Memorial stands in honour of the Battle of Kozara. About 1,700 partisans were killed in action and many thousands were sent to concentration camps.
  2. This memorial, in Belgrade, Serbia, pays tribute to the Kosmaj Partisan detachment of WWII
  3. During the 1960s and 70s, the then president of the former Yugoslavia, Josip Tito, ordered the construction of these memorials to demonstrate the strength of the socialist republic throughout the Balkans. Above, a monument to the revolution of the people of Moslavina, in Podgaric, Croatia. During World War Two, the village was the scene of an uprising against the German occupation
  4. A monument in the town of Korenica, near the border between Croatia and Bosnia. It commemorates Yugoslavia’s victory in World War Two
  5. Designed by Vojin Bakic, built in 1982, this memorial is dedicated to the people of Kordun and Banija in Croatia
  6. This site in Tjentiste (left) commemorates the Battle of the Sutjeska. Germans and partisans fought there in 1943. Right, a sculpture in Ilirska Bistrica in Slovenia
  7. In the wake of the break-up of Yugoslavia, the monuments were forgotten and left to decay. Above, a memorial marking the liberation of Sanski Most in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. The Kolasin memorial to the fallen (left) and the one at Niksic, both in Montenegro
  9. Overlooking the town of Krusevo, the Makedonium, built in 1973, commemorates the Ilinden Uprising against the Ottoman Empire. In 1903, a group of Macedonians charged into battle, giving rise to a movement that led to the creation of a free Macedonia
  10. Tjentište, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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